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    Services we Provide


    Performance Upgrades

    Any make or model we can upgrade or maintain any performance parts your vehicle has or needs.


    Computer Diagnostics

    Our technicians have the skill and our scanners have the ability to diagnose any warning light or problem your vehicle experiences.


    ABS and brakes

    Leave it to us to keep your vehicle safe and your braking system updated whether it's ceramic, carbon, or semi-metallic pads and rotors we can replace any vehicle's brakes.


    Air Conditioning HVAC

    If your vehicle is missing that nice cold air in the summer or not defrosting on a cold moist day. We can diagnose any leak or problem your hvac and air conditioning has.


    Lube Vehicles

    We don't just “lube vehicles”. not with the damaged part. Lubing all vehicles and greasing chassis points on classic or older vehicles is very important and a big part of preventative maintenance- done habitually with every job and service we do.


    Engine Diagnostics

    Years of experience and certified textbook abilities make us the reason we are so skilled and efficient and diagnosing and fixing any mechanical or electronic problem you're having and is the reason our customers leave satisfied.

    About Us

    Silk Cat Automotive was incorporated in 1990, and we have been celebrating over 30 years in business. We have been in our same North Vancouver location since we first opened our doors.

    We provide you genuine work, trusted skill and further knowledge on all vehicles to not only fix your car but make it running better than new at an honest price.

    What we Offer

    From changing fluids, checking lights and tires or even diagnosing and fixing any problem your vehicle may experience. Silk cat has all corners of your vehicle in check to make sure you’re safe and keeps preventative maintenance top notch, saving you the dollars at the end of the day.

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